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The REPUTATION OF THE SANCTITY of Dina Bélanger became universal after her beatification.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Blessed Dina Belanger - Parish

In  Canada, as in other countries, the shortage of priests has made it necessary to merge existing parishes. In our case three parishes are concerned:
- Saint Michael of Sillery, erected in 1852 by the architect  Goodlatte Richardson Browe and the first chapel to be built in Sillery, in front of the Jesuit house.
- St. Charles Garnier, a church established by Cardinal Villeneuve on the August 7th 1944 as a new parish in Sillery and inaugurated in 1947.
- The Most Holy Sacrament, a parish founded in 1921 by Father Auguste Pelletier and opened in 1924. The  Blessed Sacrament Fathers had previously built  a small wooden church.   
Last March, the Religious of Jesus and Mary were invited to propose a name for this new parish to be established in January, 2019. The following April Father Busque sent these suggestions, together with those of the parishes of St. Charles Garnier and St. Michael, to the Archbishop of Quebec. His Auxiliary Bishop,  Mgr. Pelchat, replied on April 19th . The following is an extract from his reply:
“ I  received your lettet of April 11th, which was part of the consultation carried out among the parishioners of St. Charles Garnier and St. Michael of Sillery, with reference to the judicial merger to take effect on the 1st January 2019. After consultating Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec, concerning the proposals received  in the consultation, it is with pleasure that I confirm that the chosen name is that of BLESSED DINA BÉLANGER.
Let us rejoice to have the name of one of us – entitled  Blessed by the Church – as the name of our new parish and let us pray to her for our respective Christian communities.”
The three parishes are asking their new patron to obtain for them the grace of unity and communion.

Sunday, 22 July 2018


    The Dina Centre responds by post, to requests for information. Furthermore, apart from what is sent by post, every visitor or pilgrim receives an envelope containing information, while further material is available near Dina's tomb and in the churches of Sainte Anne de Beaupré, Saint Roch-Qc, Saint Michel de Bellechasse, Herbertville and Lamèque.
    The following is a list of the number of books, leaflets, holy-pictures, medals, relics etc. that were sent out, by post, in the period 1993 – 2017. The figures are approximate as no records were kept in the years 2000 to 2005, inclusive. The distribution of this material is in French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Autobiography                               1415                                                                      

Courage to Love                               553
In the Footsteps of Dina               1972
Dina, Great Friend of Jesus           57
Song of Love                                      104
Strip Cartoons                                  2161
Spiritual Itinerary                               2
CD In the Garden of Love               29
Pictures, Icons, Posters             17182
Eucharistic Mission                         45
Pray with Dina                                  64
Prayers, Novenas                            537
Leaflets                                          8354
Brochures                                      4374
Medals                                            3682
Information – various                    75
Relics                                               4353

Total of items sent by post          46,934

Relics (encased), Relics (medals)                   264
Relics  ( ex-ossibus)                                             115 
Night- lights (Dina)                                           100
Stickers (Sayings of Dina)                                  48   
The Story of a Young Girl                                      5
The musical compositions of Dina                      6
CD Musical Compositions                                  121      
Statue                                                                      64  
Dina rosary                                                            165  
With Dina on the path of Trust                            89  
Sheets of Dina stamps                                       728      
Collection ( Agate Lagueux)                               16  
Sparks                                                                    155
Pins                                                                          31  
DVD                                                                          32
In the Depths of Love                                        10  
At the Heart of the Trinity                                 24
CD Courage d’aimer                                         2                           

Sunday, 8 July 2018


The “Dina Centre” is responsible for making Dina known. People who come to pray are offered an envelope containing the documentation. In the 25 years since the beatification, at least 5355 envelopes have been distributed. Moreover documentation is also placed near her tomb. One important task is that of responding to and sending replies to the requests that are received. 1970 replies were sent by post to 5 continents in the period 1997–2017.The number is indicated below ()
AFRICA: 1 reply to 1 country  
ZAIRE : (1) reply to 1 place in 1 country of Africa
Kinshasa (1)
NORTH AMERICA : 1720 replies to 3 countries
CANADA: (1504) replies to 327 places of the 10 Provinces of Canada
Alberta(13) –British Colombia(19) –Prince Edward Island(1) – New Brunswick(59) –Nova Scotia(2)
Manitoba (16)   Ontario (84) – Quebec (1272)  -  Saskatchewan (36)  Newfoundland (2)
UNITED STATES: (207) replies to 125 places in 31 of the 50 States of the U.S.A.
Alabama (1) – Arizona (1) - California (9) – Northern California (2) – Colorado (2) –Connecticut (6)  South Dakota  (2) – Florida  (16) – Idaho  (2) – Illinois  (1) – Iowa  (3) – Kansas  (9) – Kentucky  (1) Louisiana  (4) – Maine  (7) – Maryland  (6) – Massachusetts  (14) – Michigan  (18) – Minnesota (15)  Mississippi  (1)  – Nevada  (3)  – New Jersey  (10)  – New York  (33)  – Ohio  (3) – Pennsylvania (7) Rhode Island (5) – Tennessee (2)  -  Texas (13) – Virginia (3)  – Washington (5)  – Wisconsin  (3).
MEXICO : (15) replies to 8 places in 7 of the 32 States of the Mexican Republic
Mexico  (DF)  (3)    Jalisco  (4)    San Luis de Potosi  (1)     Guanajuato  (1)     Michoacan  (2)  Quintana Roo (3)    Yucatan (1)
CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA : (79) replies to 53 places in 9 of the 20 countries of Central and South America
 GUATAMALA : (1)                        COSTA RICA  (1)                                MARTINIQUE (1)
BRAZIL: (68) replies to 42 places in the 27 Federal Units
Bahia (2)   Ceará (15)   Espiritu Santo (1)  – Maranhao (3)  – Mato Grosso (4) – Minas Gerais (7) Pernambuco (5) –  Piaui (2)  -  Paraiba (4) – Paraná (1) – Rio de Janeiro (5) – Rio Grande (4) – Santa Catarina (3) –  Sao Paolo (12) .
ARGENTINA: (1)      COLOMBIA : (1)       CHILI :  (1)      PERU: (3)      VENEZUELA:(2)
ASIA:  (63) replies  to 32 places in 6 out of 47 countries
INDIA: (3)         INDONESIA: (3)      JAPAN: (1)          MALAYSIA: (4)         VIETNAM: (1)
PHILIPPINES:  (51) replies to 23 places in 21 of the 80 provinces
Aklan (4)   Bloilo (3)   Bulacan (7)   Camarines (1)   Cavite (3)  – Davao (3)    Lepgazpi (1)  Llocos (1) –  Makati (1) –  Manila (8) –  Makail (1) –  Marikina (1) –  Mindanao (1)  - Pampanga (5)  Pangasinan (1) -  Paray (1) – Quezon (4) – Rizal (1)  - Sasmuan (2) – Tanguig (1) – Zamoanga (1) .
 EUROPE: (94) replies to 70 places in 16 of the 50 countries of Europe
GERMANY: (7)  ENGLAND: (5)   AUSTRIA : (3)  BELGIUM: (8)   CROATIA: (3) SPAIN: (8)
OCEANIA:  (7) replies to 3 places in one country of Oceanie
AUSTRALIA:  Mordialloc (2) – Speatwood (4) – Melbourne (1)

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

After the Beatification of Dina Belanger, a “Dina Centre” was set up at the Provincial House of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, at Sillery, Quebec, in order to deal with everything relating to her.
A team of six Sisters of Jesus and Mary is responsible for the various sectors; visits to Dina’s tomb, the reception of visitors and pilgrimages, responding to requests for prayers and reports of favours received, correspondence and the circulation of information of all kinds, the promotion of activities, the maintenance of the archive and records of the establishment of the Dina shrines and of everything that is being done to honour Dina and make her better known .

It is very important that Dina should become well known, as her witness offers a special message to the world of today.

To young people who are seeking for meaning in their lives and have not yet found the right path.
To artists who wish to enjoy success, but without being blinded by short-lived applause.
To consecrated persons who are seeking a more radical gift of themselves to Jesus Christ and to the service of their brothers and sisters.
To the sick who need to open a window of Hope towards Him who awaits them as a loving Father.
To those looking for happiness and who, thinking that it is to be found far from God, look there where it is not to be found.

Do not hesitate to send your suggestions to the Dina Centre, the team will be very grateful.

Religieuses de Jésus-Marie
Centre Dina Bélanger
2049, chemin saint-Louis
Québec (Qc)
G1T1P2 Canada
Phone: 1-418.687.92.60

Thursday, 7 June 2018


On the 25th October 2007, on the occasion of the General Chapter of the Religious of Jesus and Mary in Rome and at the Pontifical University of the Lateran a n International Symposium on Blessed Dina Belanger was organized by Mgr Bruno Gherardini, at the time postulator of the case for her canonization. Four speakers contributed brief, thirty minute, conferences : Sr Enrica Rosanna FMA on « Dina Belanger, the woman », Sr. Madeleine Laliberté RJM on « Dina Belanger, the religious of Jesus and Mary », Father Francis-Mary Léthel OCD «  Dina Belanger, the mystic » and Mgr Bruno Gherardini «  Dina Belanger, the icon »

A large audience from many different countries filled the hall of the University. Pope Benedict XVI sent a telegram of blessing to those participating in the Symposium.

Saturday, 26 May 2018


Dina wrote her autobiography in obedience at the request of her superiors and it has now gone through several editions. The original is in French. Translations also exist in English, Spanish, Italian and German.  In this way the words of Jesus, «You will do good by your writings » are fulfilled.
On the 29th of September 1995, the fifth edition of the Autobiography in French was launched at the Provincial House of the Religious of Jesus and Mary in Sillery, Canada and on the 29th of July, 1997, the third edition of that in English.
These new editions are preceded by a presentation by Father Francis-Mary Léthel, Carmelite, and Professor of Theology at the Teresianum in Rome.  He analyses Dina’s account and brings out the salient points of her spiritual journey.

Monday, 14 May 2018


On the 4th September, 2007, the 78th anniversary of her Dina’s death was marked by the Religious of Jesus and Mary of Sillery, Quebec with a Mass which was concelebrated by Father Christian Beaulieu , 25 priests and some deacons.
After the celebration, about 500 people gathered in the Dina Belanger Hall to watch the film, « To know and admire Dina », followed by the song, « Beggar of Love », which was interpreted by Madame Sonia Laliberté and the composer, her husband, Mr Louis-Martin Lanthier.

This was followed by the official launch of a memorial stamp of Dina, designed by Mr Daniel Abel, painter and photographer.  This stamp has been adopted as a permanent stamp by Canada Post.  In this way Dina continues to travel across Canada, for it is still in use, the price being established by Canada Post.